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Marriage Counseling Eugene Oregon

Are you ready to create a relationship through couples therapy that is stronger than the winds and the rains that come upon it?

If you are ready to create this type of relationship then we would love to welcome you to Marriage Counseling Eugene Oregon.

We offer you the tools in our types of couples therapy in both couples counseling Eugene and in pre marriage counseling to create this forever strong relationship.

If you have experienced hurt and are needing healing or even if you are needing just a glimpse of hope for the future our relationship counseling counselors have what that takes to help you have this in your life through Eugene marriage counseling.

eugene couples counseling

Couples Counseling

eugene marriage counseling

Marriage Counseling

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Marriage Counseling Eugene Oregon

eugene couples therapy

Here at Marriage counseling Eugene Oregon we help you to see the direct correlation between your words and your actions and how they have an impact on your marriage.

If you think that they are not directly correlated then you are in for a real surprise during couples therapy Eugene OR.

Does couples counseling help? It is our goal to teach every one of our couples that feelings change. That feelings and emotions are a state of the body. When you are feeling and having strong emotion there are different things going on in your body physically.

It is our mission to help you become very self aware of these things and to help you realize that feelings are not a drive for making rash decisions in your marriage as they will change. It may seem simple but it is very important to really understand.

We strive to help you become a team and work as a team in your marriage. We help to foster relationships that are interdependent and not independent as that can turn couples away from each other if not done carefully.

By doing this you will learn how to put others above yourself as we live in a very selfish society that believes you need to put yourself above all others, but all that does is harm your relationship.

Why Choose Us?

You are the example to your children for the way they treat their spouse and the way their spouse treats them in their future. In couples therapy Eugene we teach you how to not only turn your relationship into a healthy one but how to teach your kids how they too can have healthy relationships in the future.

People love coming to us because we give them the most real marriage advice. If you are turning to your family or friends it is likely that you are feeling more hurt, more angered and frustrated. Many family members are good at supporting the family member and not supporting the marriage.

This becomes toxic for your relationship when you are seeking family advice and is very delicate and tricky to manage.

Some points that our clients love about us are:

  • We have their relationship best at heart
  • We do not take sides and want the best for them as a couple
  • We teach them not only what they can have but how to have it through couples counseling Eugene
  • We follow up and follow through on our part
  • We continually look forward to seeing you in couples counseling

Do not wait a minute longer before getting an appointment set up with us here for marriage therapy.

You will never regret the decision and will be strengthened in all areas of your life here in couples counseling near me.

What To Expect?

When you first get into a relationship you have beauty and excitement all around you. Everyday is something new with new joys and new successes. As you are in your relationship longer your appreciation for these wonderful aspects slowly begin to drift and to change. You no longer appreciate the beauty and excitement all around you and you begin to see the negative more and more.

Our counselors sit down with you and help you to gain an understanding of where your relationship was and how it has gotten to the point that it is at today. They are the best at creating an environment and space where you can be vulnerable in sharing your thoughts.

They will get to know you. They will get to know your spouse. They will gain new understandings as they gain deeper understandings of the both of you and the way that your relationship runs.

As you start to use what tools you are given and advised you are going to start to see positive changes here and there in your relationship in every aspect.

You will love the changes that you see and you will want to continue in this upward success through Eugene marriage counseling.

eugene family counseling

Whether you fill out a form or give us a call we will be prompt to get an appointment scheduled for a time that best fits your schedule.

You will be warmly welcomed by one of our lovely receptionists. You will then have the opportunity to meet with one of our incredibly trained therapists who will listen intently to your needs and your desires for the session. You will go on your way with hope and encouragement and will have the chance to tell us all about it in a review if you so choose.

Within the first session of marriage counseling Spokane Valley you will have tools to help you enhance your relationship. Months into it you will feel a spark that you have never felt before or that has been lost. You will look forward to each session.


We make sure here in relationship counseling Eugene OR that each and every counseling session is personalized as every couple has very different situations and needs moving forward.

We have pre marriage counseling and couples counselling to meet the needs of every couple and their circumstance. Our counselors will walk you through your marriage problems as you are open and ready to discuss them.

Premarital Counseling Eugene

Here in premarital counseling we will uncover problems that have a possibility of seriously affecting your relationship down the road.

There are many problems that can be avoided in a marriage if you work on them soon enough and with the right technique.

We want to do all we can to create a relationship that will weather any storm and will run smoothly as you are together for life.

Couples Counseling Eugene OR

Are you ready to take your relationship to the next level? Has your honeymoon phase worn off?

If this is the case in your relationship then relationship therapy will be just the thing for you and your spouse. It can be challenging to challenge your relationship and keep it fresh in good and healthy ways.

We teach you here in marriage therapy Eugene how to constantly renew your relationship without it going wild and getting caught in the struggles of life.

About Eugene

The University of Oregon is in Eugene and holds much of our outdoorsy and active community as well as is one of the largest employers here in Eugene. Eugene is known for its outdoor activities and the entire nature out in the environment.

The industries that are the largest here in Eugene are the rec vehicle manufacturing and the wood products manufacturing. Culinary is very popular here and Eugene is known for it with wonderful restaurants around and also some award winning wineries.

Eugene is filled with not only a population of 173,000 but also the most fantastic colors, especially in the fall when the foliage is at its peak and the leaves look like colors from a crayon box they are so vibrant.

Some of the cities also in the Pacific Northwest that are near Eugene are:

  1. Springfield, OR
  2. Junction City, OR
  3. Creswell, OR
  4. Veneta, OR
  5. Harrisburg, OR
  6. Pleasant Hill, OR
  7. Elmira, OR
  8. Dexter, OR
  9. Marcola, OR
  10. And many more areas!

Frequently Asked Questions About Counseling

What makes relationship counselling so effective?

What makes counseling so effective is when both parties are ready and willing to work on the marriage or relationship. When you have put down the thought that you can do it on your own, that your relationship is not running how you would like it to and you need another resource for help that is when you are going to be most successful in counseling. It is so effective when your counselor asks you questions and you reply in the most honest and upfront way possible and do not filter out your thoughts and feelings. This is where they will best see the ways in which to assist and guide your relationship.

Does marriage counselling cost a lot of money?

We know that money and finance is an area of marriage that can cause a lot of turmoil, stress, and disagreements. One thing that has been agreed upon by couple after couple is the value of counseling. If you spend the money on your marriage you will not regret it as you both try your best at creating the best future and the best marriage you possibly can create. Give us a call today to go over the details of the financial aspect of marriage counseling near me.

Is it weak to go to counseling?

No. It is rather humbling to have the courage to say that you need help. That you cannot do it on your own can be a hard pill to swallow and takes much strength. Counseling is the opposite of weak. It is strength in realizing that you cannot do life alone, that you do not have it all together and are ready and willing to gain some valuable knowledge and outsider perspective that is not skewed or taunted in any way. This is why we recommend seeing a counselor and not going to friends or family for marriage advice.

If there is an addiction in the relationship will we make it?

Through some serious counseling and tender loving care, yes your relationship can make it. If the person with the addiction is open to change and open to quitting that addiction and getting healthy once again then yes there is hope for the future and your marriage. Both parties are greatly affected by addiction so it is very important that you both get some form of counseling as you will both have feelings to work through.

Client Testimonials

The price we have paid for counseling we have not even though twice about. After the first session and seeing how much it could do for our relationship we never looked back.

Sarah Criddle

Gaining understanding and new perspectives has been the best thing for me. I am so happy to have a new set of eyes, ears, and a new found heart full of compassion and love.

Laura Childings

We thought it was too late to get help in our marriage. After seeing a counselor for three months we have hope for the future and look forward to each and every day of learning.

Marcus Young

Contact Us Today!

Have you been stuck in a rut in your relationship or are you unsure if your relationship is going to make it through the trials you are currently experiencing?

We help you here in pre marriage counseling and in couples therapy near me to help determine the root cause of your thoughts and emotions and how to work through them. We admire your diligence and desire to seek out help for the most important area in your life.

We help you gain perspective and understandings of yourself and your relationship through discussing every aspect of your relationship with our best counselors here at Marriage Counseling Eugene Oregon. Call us today to get started with the best counseling around!

Marriage Counseling Eugene

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